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2020 Art

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February 1. Page 173 of The Silver Eyes for TSE Redraw project.

February 7. Medousa, Amos Daragon.

February 13. Archives, art school project.

March 21. Sleep, art school project.

April 19. Portal 2 anniversary.

June 9. Mai, Avatar the Last Airbender.

July 7. Clowns, mass Art Fight attack, all characters credited on Art Fight.

July 9. Principality of Travel, Half Life VR but the AI is Self Aware.

July 11. Frozen character redesign lineup.

July 12. Frozen rewritten scene.

August 15. Abanadoned morgue photo study.

September 15. Papyrus, Undertale.

October 6. Contemplation, art school project.

October 19. Sensory Overload, art school project.

November 21. Lamb of God.

November 25. Angel, art school project.

December 3. Benrey, Half Life VR but the AI is Self Aware.