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2021 Art

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February 1. Heathers, Heather Chandler.

February 2. School work, Beast.

February 14. Space Sweepers, Bubs.

February 24. School work, Self portrait, Dada.

February 24. School work, Self portrait, Lyrical abstraction.

March 4. Half Life VR but the AI is Self Aware, Benrey.

March 15. CPU Kerfuffle, Dr Order and Captain Quadratic.

March 28. Five Nights at Freddy's, Various characters.

April 20. Art final, Minecraft, Field.

May 7. Death Note, Misa.

May 7. Death Note, Rem.

May 9. The Mitchells VS The Machines, Pal.

May 10. Sexygirlmax2019, Sceneteenz.

May 14. Smile For Me, Flower Kid.

May 18. Angel's Egg.

June 7. The Walten Files, Sha.

July 11. Photo edit.

August 6. Magic: The Gathering, Ashiok.

August 13. Breath of the Wild, Link.

August 18. Neon Genesis Evangelion, Angel.

August 20. Frozen, North Star.

September 26. Deltarune, Kris.

October 14. Carrie.

November 16. Deltarune, Starwalker.