Hyrule and other widespread knowledge

- The Calamity, also known as Malice, Demise, or the Darkness, is a darkness and curse that enshrouds the souls of some. It is a physical manifestation of evil that uses the bodies of people as a vessel for Hyrule’s downfall.

- The Calamity manifests in the Divine Beasts differently, adapting its method of fighting for each champion, adapted to their own struggles.

- Thunderblight: Duplication, making Urbosa unable to see the right target and attacking the wrong one.
- Windblight: Evasiveness, which leaves Revali frustrated, lashing out, until he drops his guard.
- Waterblight: Mimicry of Mipha’s friends and family, aiming to break her mind.
- Fireblight: Overwhelming and relentless attacks, to make Daruk believe his shield is useless for protecting him and others.

- Each group of Hyrule has their own interpretation of the legend.

- The Triforce manifests as the personality of its holder. Power manifests in Ganondorf as competitiveness and strategic thinking, wisdom manifests in Zelda as curiosity and decision-making, and courage manifests in Fuga as boldness and desire to explore.


- Bokoblins, Moblins, Hinoxes, Lizalfos and Lynels have their own cultures, languages, and beliefs. Other monsters (Chuchus, Keese, Oktoroks, Wizzrobes, Molduga and Taluses), are more akin to animals.

- They are not affected by the Calamity’s "corruption", meaning they are as aggressive regardless of pre- or post-Calamity.

Sheikah and Yiga

- The Sheikah and Yiga age at a considerably slower rate than Hylians, much slower than their canon counterpart.

- The Yiga follow the Calamity because it will lead to the demise of Hyrule, but believe something else brighter, hopeful, and positive, can come from it.

- Purah has not researched an anti-aging rune, and instead looks middle-aged, like Robbie and Impa do as well.


- They can reproduce amongst themselves.

- They wear clothes accommodated for desert temperatures, layers that cover the whole body but let the air flow.

- Vah Naboris creates thunderous sandstorms that reach Gerudo Town far too often, disrupting hunting, water filtration, and normal, day-to-day travels.


- They have bigger wings that they cannot use as hands, and use their talons and beak to do everything, including archery and weaving.

- Everything in their houses are placed at ground level for easy use.

- Vah Medoh creates wind gusts that are dangerous for flight, and relentlessly attacks anything that comes close to its height.


- They are more shark-like, thus cannot close their eyes and are entirely carnivorous.

- Mipha is much bigger and a bit older than her canon counterpart.

- Their language is shared mostly through body language and vocal expressions, as their face cannot emote as much as a Hylian’s face. They use sounds (not always words) to express how they feel when someone talks to them.

- Vah Ruta’s rainfalls have started to raise the water levels, which creates landslides and destroys walkable paths.


- They are turtle-like, and have hard rock shells over their abdomen and back.

- They have no concept of gender, but use words that are male-aligned to describe themselves.

- Vah Rudania causes rocks to fall in massive bursts and its stomping may erupt Death Mountain.

Other information and useful links

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