A long, long time ago, a little more than 10,000 years ago, to be exact, Ganon had been born to the royal family of the Gerudo. Raised as any other young Gerudo princess, he had never felt truly comfortable in that role. He felt that the title of prince would suit him better. His family nodded, and accepted that change. He would be the Gerudo’s prince, as rarely as that happens.

His upbringing was marked by an era of peace and prosperousness. The Gerudo Desert was isolated from other unknown societies, but that mattered little. The Gerudo had always been self-sufficient, but welcomed what little visitors they had.

The Sheikah one day visited, presented a gift to the Gerudo. A mechanical beast of the likeness of their transportation animals, a giant camel able to harness the power of electricity that the Gerudo had grown to harness as well. They had accepted the gift, but wondered as to why it had been made. The Sheikah simply winked and gave a knowing smile.

Ganon had received a prophecy, and so had a princess and a hero. Their prophecies differed ever so slightly, but predicted for the same event. A goddess of light had come and revealed his future.

“On your 18th birthday, a curse of Malice placed on you will manifest and trap you in darkness, until a hero chosen by the legendary sword and a princess of light free you. You will not die, yet won’t live until you are freed. You will not see the ones you know and love afterwards.”

Ganon refused to believe what the goddess had told him. Refused to believe it would happen. Despite that, he lived every day of his life until his 18th birthday in fear, cherishing every moment he had left in case the prophecy would come true, trying his best to make the most of the life he had.

However, the prophecy came true.

And the darkness consumed him.

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