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Among Us OCs

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Listen, listen, I know the public perception of Among Us has changed considerably since its boost in popularity, BUT-

A crew finds a human body on an alien planet who, despite all odds, seems to still be alive. They bring him onboard and hijinks ensue.

Cherry is the most dangerous impostor, as she appears innocent despite having murderous tendencies. She had plans to ruin the mission before rescuing Raven. She loves giving everyone stickers.
River is one of the scientists on the ship who had many, many reservations on bringing a body aboard. Despite this, she'll try her best to science her way out of this.
Raven is another impostor (of the parasitic kind) who softens up after meeting Olive. He's from a different time.
Olive is a big softie who tends to the greenhouse.
Opal is the medic and knows something is not quite right with Raven, but doesn't know what. They know he should be dead.
Xanthos is very intimidating. No one quite knows what they look like under their helmet and, well, by virtue of being intimidating, many wonder if they're actually trustworthy.
Poppy is the pilot and her son Russel accompanies her.
Clementine keeps to herself. She doesn't really know what's going on since she's more preoccupied with keeping up with off-ship communications.
Hazel is dead. RIP.
Hunter is... interesting. No one's quite sure how they know him, they just... do. In fact, no one can quite recall how they know eachother or when they got on this mission. Hunter reminds them of that and they leave him alone.