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Avatar the Last Airbender OCs

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Avatar Kinan's story takes place after Korra's is over and a new cycle of the Avatar begins. Kinan and their brother Aro (and their ostrich horse!) learn from the Sages that they are the Avatar. The same day, traveling with the Sages are the Air Nomads. Naal learns the news of the newfound Avatar and decides to help them on a journey to learning the elements by telling them about the world they have seen. While traveling, they encounter a carnival with Venok as a waterbender entertainer. They enlist her help to learn waterbending. Finally, they learn of a powerful firebender participating in underground pro-bending tournaments and try to get their help. The firebender, Izen, refuses after beating Kinan in a fight, judging them to be too weak to be a proper Avatar. Team Avatar then learn of Izen's status of nobility and their desire for excitement, taking the opportunity to convince them that traveling with Team Avatar is bound for many adventures. Eventually, they agree to join the team. Past that, the story was undeveloped.