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The Clowns SMP

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The Clowns SMP is a server my friends and I have! We are currently on it's 3rd season.

This page is for my own characters, but if you wanna see others, check these pages:
Aspen | Chorus | Gab | Optri | Spec (alternate link) | Tony


Atlas is an illager mad scientist. After an unfortunate encounter with another player, they were subsequently revived using a Totem of Undying. Seeing the many side effects of magical re-animation (loss of memories, permanent scarring, etc.), they started building upon a theory that "natural" re-animation is possible through scientific means. They left their coven of Illagers to discover the world in order to gain knowledge of all things dead and alive, pondering the many mysteries of zombies and other undead beings. Stopping at a monster outpost, they met and teamed up with Chorus for a simple fetch quest which soon grew to a deeper relationship. Their love of science was shared, as well as their love for eachother.

Season 1 (Spotify playlist)

Chorus and Atlas settled close to other monsters and started immediately working on science experiments, in the secrecy of the basement of their home. It is rumored they brought a drowned back to life (Gab, season 1), keep a piglin on the threshold of life to experiment on it and have kept an enderman captive in the hopes of learning more of them, perhaps to intimidate Spec. Throughout the season, they have built many atrocities.

Season 2 (Spotify playlist)

Seeing Spec's rise to power during S1 and its beginning in the current season, Chorus and Atlas tried their hand at playing a similar game, pulling strings behind the scenes. Despite this, Spec's empire grew and Chorus and Atlas stagnated in their research. What they lacked in research however, they compensated with a museum that compiled what knowledge they had of the world, including Chorus' home dimension of the End and the Nether Atlas had seen through death. Atlas changed their appearance to reflect the change.

Season 3.5

After Season 2, Chorus and Atlas went on vacation, enjoying time away together without worrying of death, dying, and science experiments to execute. Upon their return, however, they had found everyone else had moved to an island, isolated from the rest of the continent. They moved back in secret and surprised everyone with their vacation ending.

What about that gap between the start of S3 and S3.5?


(Spotify playlist)

Famine is the character I created to fill that gap! It's a husk with little to no memory of a prior life. All rot remembers is someone taking them apart and back together, but as to what or WHO caused such a thing, well... It likes country music and keeps a mask on at all times to prevent biting people. Speaking of biting, Bite is her friend... enemy... roommate. They live together and always look for new ways to have fun (i.e. killing maiming pranking violently etc.). She also entertains other friendships, notably with Gab and Spec (recently amnesiac turned clown).