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Oh haha hi! Either I gave you this link or you found it accidentally. Anyways...
(All images are either from the original source or my own art)



Enderman (Minecraft)

Mami Tomoe (PMMM)

Sceneteenz (sexygirlmax2019)

Sapphire (SU)

Monika (DDLC, kinassigned by my friends but I'll take it :-])

Opossum (that's actually my fursona, Calamity!)

Link (TLOZ, mostly BOTW)

Papyrus (UT)

Lain (SEL)

C-3PO (Star Wars)

There are other characters I wouldn't consider "kins" but I relate a lot to robots, characters with a lot of (self-imposed or imposed by society) expectations to live up to, and scientists. Make of it what you will.