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Updated a lil bit of the home page, changed the image. just small things :3. um. replayed undertale pacifist run in its entirety, introduced my gf to it at the same time (they knew what it was, had never seen gameplay). fuck videogames for making me cry. got a little insane over the deltarune sweepstakes event and looking through webpages and html code. it was fun! spring downloaded a virus (real) (not clickbait).


Added a 2020 section to the art tab. Updated a few things here and there. That's all!!


It's been a few days, but I finally added stuff to the art section! Put up some stuff I was proudest of. I updated my "Other" section to add links to my friends' stuff, go check it out okay!!!


AH-IYAH ITS BEEN MONTHS AGAIN. Slightly updated around my OC directory to make it clearer which links had actual content on them and which didn't. And I made a new section for my current AU and hyperfixation: Batman (Angelverse)! I'll. TRY to update it in days to come. ermm i just noticed that in my previous update i was slightly obsessing over The Batman but dw im obsessing over different batman media now so im slightly more normal.

Also updated links in pre-previous update (22-02), as it contained links to my tumblr blog (which I changed my url to). Everything should be back to normal now! I ALSO added a button that can link back to my side in the "Other" section, if you're interested in that.


ABABABA. HI. It's been a month????? Already????? Um. I updated my BOTW AU, new chapters up, etc etc. Cool. Thumbs up. Not much happening else. Watched movies. Slightly obsessed over them. The usual. (If you wanna know specifically, Scream 5 and The Batman. Okay.)


TWOSDAY. I finished reading House of Leaves hmmm 2 days ago I think? It was very, very, very, very good. My god. Whew. I have a few posts up on Tumblr of "web weaving" and "parallels" and "me going insane over similar things" and "themes" which you can check out here: Anatomy/House of Leaves (1) (2) (3), Web Weaving (1) (2).

Otherwise, nothing new, really. Especially not on this site. I'll get back to organizing things on here soon, fret not.


Whew! Starting over with this, in the hopes that I'll be able to keep up with it more. First off, hi! Second, I added a new chapter to Fuga's story, which... isn't linked on here. It will be soon, however. I plan on making a proper OC directory and shoving a bunch of guys in there, including links to other areas of this website or even another website, as well as images and story descriptions, etc etc etc. I'll also work soon on an art directory and I'll start building a portfolio from that. Or something. I'll probably just shove every art I like a lot in there. I'll also try to keep a changelog of this website IN this log, so it motivates me to keep this updated. Otherwise...

Well, I started reading House of Leaves again. It's really good! I wanted to read it since I played Anatomy a few days ago, and the themes of a "haunted house that isn't actually haunted and just fucking hates you" are similar in both. Not the same, but they explore it in very different ways. It's interesting. I want to explore that in my own stories, maybe perhaps someday. And unrelated to all that, my sibling, my friend, and I are having a Star Wars rewatching marathon. We're set on watching every piece of Star Wars media (canon movies and TV shows, actually, so not ALL) and we've currently watched movies 1 and 2 as well as 2 seasons of the Clone Wars. I'll probably write thoughts on it eventually. Or maybe not ;).